Knowledge Share: The sustainable initiatives of UofG students

posted Mar 14, 2012, 9:37 AM by Guelph Sustainability Week   [ updated Mar 24, 2012, 2:55 PM ]
When: March 30, 2012 - 2:30pm to 4pm
Where: Landscape Architecture "The Pit" (the entrance of the LA building), UofG Campus

Knowledge Share: The sustainable initiatives of UofG students

S-Week presents a knowledge sharing event aimed to highlight the awesome initiatives that students of the UofG are doing! Each initiative will be linked to this year's theme: Food for our future. The event will be composed of short presentations (~5 minutes) by each of presenters on their respective topics. Afterwards, each of the presenters will have a designated space in the room for attendees to ask further questions about their particular initiative.


Eduardo Huesca- Temporary migrant farm workers in Canada
Carolyn Chan- Talking Sh*t: The Ultimate Fate of Food
Dylan Harding- PHosphorus and PHarming
Gryph Loubier- The realities of organic internships
Jonathan Behnke- Permablitz Guelph
Sean O'Donnell- How mushrooms can help save the world
Eli Winterfeld- Dumpster diving

Further details about the presenters' topic:

As many of the men and women working and living in Canada under temporary migrant farm worker programs continue to share testimonies of concern, frustration and anger, abuse and the violation of their rights, and in light of a continued inaction by government it becomes important to have dialogues about how communities can begin to hold agricultural production sites and other food related businesses accountable for these abuses.  Part of this community work involves discussing strategies of how to work with those under these programs  to ensure actions are guided by them, by their concerns, decisions and ideas. You are invited to share your thoughts on how we can develop this type of support work, and take steps towards making present day work in agricultural  within our communities align with our standards of safety and justice * The conversation will be directed at contextualizing this community work to address a particular agricultural production site/food business within the Guelph area that has increasingly become known for its abuse of its workers, both those employed as migrant farm workers as well as permanent Guelph community members.

"Talking Sh*t: The Ultimate Fate of Food". An environmental engineer wonders how our sewage system (aka food disposal post-consumption) can be more sustainable.
Come out and support the awesome projects our UofG students are doing to help create a sustainable food system!

Gryph has collected data from various organic farm interns over the past while. He will be covering some of the intrinsic value and extrinsic costs of interns.  It will be a great resource for anyone that is thinking of working as an organic intern or someone interested in conventional farming that would like to inform themselves about the "other side" of the farming spectrum.

Permablitz Guelph is an initiative to help members of the Guelph community build sustainable food-producing gardens in their yards using permaculture principles. Our goal is help people learn how to sustainably produce their own food, while building community and having fun.

The event is free. The location is accessible.