Theme and Vision

Sustainability Week is a collaborative effort among multiple students, organizations, departments, faculty and community members that are passionate about the sustainable development of Guelph and ourselves. This third annual S-week is going to be filled with phenomenal speakers, workshops, events and collaborations within the Guelph community! All with a focus on FOOD! We are all attached to food in some way, so why not learn about how to grow, eat, and treat it! Many connections to learn, so come share in the activities.

  • Open Source Communities: Open Source Philosophy promotes free redistribution of information and encourages collaboration of all individuals in developing innovative solutions to today's problems.


  • Active, empowered and educated individuals learning and acting together
  • Temporary events turning into long term goals and collaborative projects
  • Creating a culture of environmental awareness, action and positivity
  • Participants leave an event knowing how they can make change and what they can DO next!