Theme and Vision

Sustainability Week is a collaborative effort among multiple students, organizations, departments, faculty and community members who want Guelph and its community to engage with environmental challenges. This year, S-week is going to be filled with phenomenal speakers, workshops, concerts, events and collaborations within the Guelph community.                                              

  • This year our theme is Small Steps to Big Change. Our focus is on simple actions individuals can make locally that will make a difference globally. As a community, we want to encourage understanding of these issues, and how to engage with them on a personal and political level.
  • Each day will have a focus on a different sustainable issue: food, water, waste, up-cycling & re-skilling, and energy & transportation.



  • Active, empowered and educated individuals learning and acting together
  • Temporary events turning into long term goals and collaborative projects
  • Creating a culture of environmental awareness, action and positivity
  • Participants leave an event knowing how they can make change and what they can DO next!