Theme and Vision

Sustainability Week is a collaborative effort among multiple students, organizations, departments, faculty and community members who want Guelph and its community to engage with environmental challenges. This year, S-week is going to be filled with phenomenal speakers, workshops, concerts, events and collaborations within the Guelph community, all with a focus on climate change.  It has been called the issue of our generation and will shape all of our lives. Over the course of this week, we hope to encourage all Guelph students to develop an understanding of how climate change works, how it is impacting us, and how we can help address it, by examining it through lenses of the sciences, politics, economics, and food systems.

  • Our theme this year is Climate Change: the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes clear that our historical practice of ignoring this issue is no longer feasible.  As a community, we want to encourage understanding of these issues, and how to engage with them on a personal and political level. 


  • Active, empowered and educated individuals learning and acting together
  • Temporary events turning into long term goals and collaborative projects
  • Creating a culture of environmental awareness, action and positivity
  • Participants leave an event knowing how they can make change and what they can DO next!