Climate Change - This Just Got Personal

March 23-28, 2015
The planning committee of Sustainability Week at the University of Guelph, would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Sustainability Week!
The official theme for this year is “Climate Change: This Just Got Personal”, and the focus will be on engaging the university community in conversations and hands on experiences regarding the different aspects of climate change. Sustainability Week 2015 will incorporate the multidisciplinary themes that fuel the climate change debate of today, merging the sciences with the economics, politics, and personal choices into one week long event.                 

Want to Volunteer? Have questions or comments? Email us at:     

Come celebrate with us as we work, learn and live together as a community, towards a more sustainable world.

In a shifting environment, faced with great potential for
 changeSustainability Week.will empower our
communityinspire individuals, and organize our
 collective capacity for POSITIVE CHANGE!

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