Intertwined Roots: Open Source Communities

March 25-28, 2013
Presenting a fantastic week of FREE events that are open and accessible to everyone!
In a shifting environment, faced with great potential for change, Sustainability Week will empower our community, inspire individuals, and organize our collective capacity for positive change. This week's theme is Open-source Communities. Open Source Philosophy promotes free redistribution of information and encourages collaboration of all individuals in developing innovative solutions to today's problems. The week starts off March 25th with skill-based workshops and comes to a finale on the 28th with a Day of Action. It will be filled with provoking workshops on the themes of skill-sharing, low-impact living and open-forums, in which we hope to bring about new perspectives on space and our relationship with fellow community members.                    

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Come celebrate with us as we work, learn and live together as a community, towards a more sustainable world.

In a shifting environment, faced with great potential for
 changeSustainability Week.will empower our
communityinspire individuals, and organize our
 collective capacity for POSITIVE CHANGE!

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